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Inventing Cutting-Edge Sensor Solutions That Are Affordable And Fit Into Your Product Is What We Do Best.

✔ Advance and Accelerate your Product Development

✔ Benefit from 30+ Years of Experience in Sensors, Electronics & Embedded Software

✔ Gain Access to a Portfolio of Patented & Patent-Pending 3D Sensor Innovations

Why Humatric?

A Track Record of Innovation.

Our Founder, Dr. Ing. Saad Jabir, has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in medical- and sensor technology.

Selected inventions & patents of Dr. Ing. Saad Jabir, a renowned specialist in electronic systems:

  • Implemented the worldwide first tire footprint measurement system for Pirelli
  • Pioneered FSR orthopedic platforms, widely used across Europe for posture and gait analysis
  • Invented ceramic sensors, weight measuring shoes, cyclist power meter & innovative 3D force plate technology
  • Designed electronic systems for nuclear medicine gamma cameras
  • Developed the first microcontroller simulation model in AMS environment

… and more.

Founded in 2012 by Dr. Ing. Saad Jabir, a renowned specialist in electronic systems for medical applications, we bring unparalleled expertise and a bold vision to every partnership.

Are you ready to out-innovate your competition?

Our Products and Services

Measure What Matters.

We are setting new standards with innovative and ultra-thin 3D force plates. Furthermore, we help you develop pioneering products through licensing models, the development of ODM hardware, or custom sensor solutions.

R&D as a Service

We invent and develop innovative hardware, sensor electronics, and embedded software to create solutions for your bottlenecks.

  • Consulting: 3D force sensors and beyond
  • Research: solutions to existing bottlenecks in R&D
  • Development: New product development


We speed up the product development process by licensing our cutting-edge technology to manufacturers.

  • 3D Force Plate: Ultra-thin (from 15 mm)
  • Running Efficiency: 3D forces on treadmills

Licensing and ODM

We offer custom 3D Force Plates as ODM or OEM products, and we license our cutting-edge technology to manufacturers.

  • ODM / OEM: 3D Force Plate & Sensor Products
  • Licensing: Growing seminal IP portfolio

A Revolution in 3D Force Measurement.

Based on our exclusive, patented technology, our force plate offers an unparalleled combination of ultra-thin design – at just 1.5 cm high – and medical precision at a competitive price. 

So, Why Humatric?

Let’s face it — Without constant product innovation, your margins are shrinking, and your competition is only one inch from outcompeting you.

That’s where Humatric comes in We will make sure they don’t. With a track record of electronic and sensor technology innovations from first principles thinking, we innovate and accelerate your product development process.

Innovation is the key to Your Success.

Product innovation is the difference between being caught in an undifferentiated ocean of dozens of competing products, and establishing a monopoly of excellence.

Without Humatric

❌ No product differentiation
❌ Long and Risky R&D Processes
❌ Contingent Access to Relevant IP
❌ No Real Progress

With Humatric

✅ Product Innovation
✅ Effective & Agile R&D as a Service
✅ Catalog of Patents and patent pending solutions
✅ Significant Progress in Weeks

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