Measure What Matters.

We are developing patent-pending ultra-thin, cost-effective 3D force plates and 3D force modules for treadmills for unparalleled biomechanical insights – making them accessible to everyone.

Innovation in 3D Force Plate Technology

Experience professional-grade biomechanical insights at an unprecedented price point. Elevate your sports performance and rehabilitation practices with precision data that drives results.

10x Thinner

Starting from 1.5 cm (0.6 in)

Experience unparalleled versatility with our ultra-slim 3D force plates, measuring just 1.5 cm in height—revolutionizing space efficiency without compromising precision.


Ultra-Light and Mobile

Effortlessly integrate our featherweight 3D force plates into any setup, enabling portable biomechanical analysis without compromising on durability or accuracy.

3x Cheaper

Maximum Cost-Efficiency

We make 3D force analysis affordable with cost reductions of up to 66% without compromising on quality, making professional-grade biomechanical analysis accessible to everyone.

For Treadmills

Works with Any Treadmill

Transform any standard treadmill into a high-tech biomechanical lab with our universal 3D force measurement system, unlocking advanced gait analysis for every facility.

Revolutionizing Human Performance Measurement

See the Invisible. Shape the Impossible.

We’re not just selling force plates. We’re democratizing superhuman insight – giving every physiotherapist, coach, and athlete the power to see and shape the invisible forces that define human performance.

Ultra-Thin. Ultra-Powerful.

Forget bulky, expensive lab equipment. Our force plate is thinner than your smartphone, yet as precise as systems costing ten times as much. Finally, professional-grade biomechanics analysis fits your budget and your space.

Any Treadmill, Anywhere

Transform any standard treadmill into a high-tech biomechanical lab. No more compromises between portability and precision. Bring elite-level analysis to your local gym or clinic, opening new revenue streams and elevating patient care.

Beyond Measurement: Insight

Drowning in complex data? Our AI-powered software translates biomechanics into clear, actionable insights. Personalize training plans, predict injury risks, and create data-driven rehabilitation strategies – all without a PhD in biomechanics.

For Professionals, By Innovators

Founded by sensor technology pioneer Dr. Ing. Saad Jabir, we’ve spent decades pushing boundaries. From Pirelli’s tire systems to revolutionary orthopedic platforms, we bring unparalleled expertise to every product.

Be the First to Redefine Human Performance

Right now, we’re on the cusp of a breakthrough. Our patent-pending 3D force technology is ready for real-world testing. This isn’t just an opportunity to try new tech – it’s your chance to shape the future of biomechanics.

As a pilot customer, you’ll gain:

  • Exclusive early access to technology that turns any treadmill into a high-precision lab
  • Direct influence on product development, tailored to your needs
  • A competitive edge that sets you years ahead of your peers

We’re targeting a Q4 2024 launch, but pilot testing* begins now. This is your moment to transform complex biomechanics into simple, actionable insights – at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

Spaces are limited. Book your call today and be part of the select few who will redefine what’s possible in human performance analysis.

*Only available for selected clients in Germany and the United States.

Our Advanced Technologies

We offer revolutionary 3D force plate technology. Our experienced team is ready to assist you and your clients with analysis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Precision Injury Prevention

Our ultra-thin 3D force plates provide unparalleled insight into biomechanics, allowing for early detection of movement imbalances and potential injury risks.

This enables proactive interventions, reducing the likelihood of injuries and enhancing long-term athletic performance and overall health.

Personalized Performance Optimization

By capturing detailed pressure distribution and gait analysis data in real-time, our technology enables the creation of highly individualized training programs. This leads to more efficient skill development, improved technique, and ultimately, superior athletic performance tailored to each user’s unique biomechanical profile.

Accelerated Rehabilitation

The integration of our 3D force measurement system with standard treadmills revolutionizes rehabilitation practices. By providing immediate feedback on running efficiency and harmful forces, therapists can design more effective, data-driven recovery plans, significantly speeding up the rehabilitation process and ensuring a safer return to peak performance.

Marius Schober


How does Humatric’s 3D force plate technology differ from traditional force plates?

Our technology is up to 10 times thinner (just 1.5 cm in height) and 3 times more cost-effective than conventional models, while maintaining high precision. This ultra-thin design allows for easier integration into various settings without compromising accuracy or functionality.

Can I use Humatric’s technology with my existing treadmill?

Yes, we are not only offering standalone 3D force plates. Our innovative system is designed to work with any standard treadmill, transforming it into a sophisticated 3D force measurement tool. This allows you to conduct advanced gait analysis and performance assessments without the need for expensive specialized equipment.

How can Humatric’s technology benefit my practice or training facility?

Our technology provides real-time, precise biomechanical data that enables more accurate diagnoses, personalized treatment plans, and performance optimization. It offers professional-grade insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems, making advanced analytics accessible for a wider range of practitioners and facilities. This can lead to improved patient outcomes, enhanced athletic performance, and more efficient rehabilitation processes.

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